I don't want a tumblr.
Ich habe immer Angst davor, dass du sofort erkennen wirst, welche Einträge von dir handelt. . .

Ich vermute nix. ;) Vor allem, bin ich immer nicht sicher, welche Einträge von mir handelt.

Yes; I went to the 2010 Colloquium. Which was in NYC by the way! Such a good time there. I have fond memories. I love NYSAFLT way too much for my own good. PS did you see JC's fb status about his first AC Season nightmare? I loved it. I have NYSAdreams all the time. NYSAnightmares not so much.

I remember this! I was at Shawn’s the one night. (p.s. I like how we can just assume what the possessive is referring to) I haven’t seen that status…maybe I’ll look into it. Guess what! I’m working on the NGHS budget today. Oh joy!

"Alcoholics don't drink too much: They just like the taste of alcohol."

Hahah! What is this from?

Why don't you want a tumblr?

I have trouble enough keeping up with facebook.

Quid est veritas?
I love that in e-mails, when Dr. Böhm uses slang or expressions, he puts the words in quotes.

I love that in…nevermind, I love Dr. Böhm.



enjoy wherever you are. i know where i am not.....colloquium =(

I was in NYC. Did you go to colloquium last year?

I really thought that chai latte was yours...

I wish! Mine was ugly - but yummy!

You nysaflt too often? More than I?

Never! Nobody can Nysawork more than you. :D